If you are looking forward to recharging yourself in a soothing ambiance from a daily grind, then you need to make up a beeline to Ranikhet. You might mismanage things and get all baffled out of boredom, take a short break and relish the vacay.

Ranikhet is a fascinating location in the Almora district in Uttarakhand. You would love to enjoy the trip is in summers when the place is soaked in pleasant weather.


Through the coyly zigzag roads, around the fiery Himalayan belt, and under the cozy clear sky, you espy the paradise on earth. Travelers blend in the local atmosphere and the destination conjures them up.

Ranikhet trip is lovable for people of any age group and it offers enchanting vista. Engrossed in the agitated settings, the journey keeps you stable. The best time to enjoy the trip is in summers when the placed is soaked in a pleasant weather.

Sites to explore:

Kausani– Kausani is a beautiful place that allows admiring the wide (300 km) panoramic view of the Himalayas. It is also called the Switzerland of India.

Gandhi Ashram– Gandhi Ashram got its name because of the two weeks stay of Mahatma Gandhi. The place is known for peaceful solicits. Tourists avail the benefits of housed library and kitchen provided for them.

Shawl Factory– You can literally watch the pure manufacturing of shawls. Shawl factory is a storage space of high-end winter collections that are available at compelling prices.

Tea Garden– Tea garden is a huge source of organic tea production. The fascinating fragrance from the tea fields awakes every inch of the body. Most interesting thing is, only women workers are employed for plucking the tea leaves and on the alongside stalls.

Baijnath Temple– The Baijnath temple is a major attraction for its archaic beauty. Devotees’ prow down in front of Lord Shiva sculpture for their aspiring desires to come true.

From the countless visiting destinations in Uttarakhand, Ranikhet has a fire to jingle your heartbeats. For ultimate fun in your life, exposure to the tedious canyons of the mountains is a must. The nature trips guides provide the never-ending contemplation of your trip and we take care of all your utilities.


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Ranikhet Tour For One Day

Gandhi Ashram, Kausani, Shawl Factory, Tea Garden, Baijnath Temple,

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