We often imagine ourselves to be at the place where the great people stepped once. Don’t you? If you nodded just now, then Almora in Uttarakhand is the perfect destination for you to roam around. Many big heads like Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs and others came over for blessings and left with an untold approach for you to explore.

If you plan for a casual go-to place, Almora must be on the top of the hit list. Being considered as a land of the lord, there are many religious beliefs about the place. As you step into the trip, there unveils a new interesting fact that brings a twist to keep the journey engaged.


The Almora tour is adventurous, joyous and peaceful that offers rock climbing fun, kayak ride, rappelling, trekking, camping, bridge abseiling, and river crossing activities juncture. It makes you feel numb while encountering the enormous hills and deep forests.

Few spectacular locations:

Kainchi Dham Kainchi Dham is supremely famous for the great Neem Karoli Baba’s ashram. This place has witnessed miraculous intellects of him and the vibe is still alive that generates within you.

Frog Point Frog point is an adventure park named it so for the huge frog-shaped green rocks chilling in the beautiful river.

Kasar Devi Kasar Devi is a temple and a village that falls under the Van Allen belt and puts out the existence of geomagnetic fields. Swami Vivekananda visited and meditated here at a point on the top hill.

Chitai temple Only temple of divine Golu Dev where you find an absolute level of devotion which is presented through the bestowed countless troupes of bells.

Jageshwar Dham– Among the insidious Deodar forests, the Jageshwar Dham with great ancient architectures is situated in a desolate area. Also, it has 150 mini temples inside it that are centric attractions.

The nature trip guides make sure to juice out and serve each fact & belief with the best of your Almora tour. With us, you can grab the best traveling benefits included in the Almora tour package that fulfill all your necessities of your choices.


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