Hiking is a walking activity on the long trails across the barren land or the green meadows and normal pathways. To uncover the historic culture and blend among the local communities, hiking is a popular choice among visitors. It is also one of the moderate difficult commotion and most enjoyable with a great group of friends.

Interaction with new people enlightens you with different aspects of the place, food and costume specific stories. You explore the existence of a variety of flavoured persons. The best part is you hike with the least equipment. Except for the monsoon, you need not stop your footsteps in any season.


A bizarre thought of living in the jungle arena has been extensively modified from the squalid living conditions to the affluent camping amongst the tall haunting trees and preying creatures.

The zipper tents or manual tents are installed at a specific spot provided with sleeping bags and you bear the responsibility of cooking and serving yourself.

Well spent nights at the camping sites lets you meet with your independent self.
Many camping sites also provide bonfire fun. You natter, sing, laugh, dance or speak your heart out, the night cover up your all emotions and always fan the flame of delighted instants whenever you memorize it.


Paragliding is a thrilling sport that asks for your physical and emotional standards as well. It has emerged at a prodigious rate in recent years and has been a wonderful choice for the trekkers. Once you stepped in, there is no going back. When you stabilize yourself up there, you adopt the pace of nature; the secret is patience.

The activity takes your heart out in the midway. When you glide up in the air, the awesomeness in the sight is inexpressible that balance your phobia. Even with all the safety measures, the fearful feeling keeps us alive and makes it a lot more exciting.


River rafting is a fun yet challenging outdoor activity. To sail safely on an inflated boat on the roaring river that follows up unnatural moves, great teamwork is required. Unexpected thrill awaits as you get along in the rafting. River rafting is a lifetime experience.

It is the most basic and demanding adventurous sport. Around the picturesque beauty, you get a chance to pile up your thrilling moments. Only the life jacket and the co-operative bond among the rafters hold your precious life. Isn’t it amazing? Every second counts surprising of what comes next!